A true partnership;a solid land in stormy seas


The world is undergoing a difficult time, with challenges and significant changes never encountered before.

But even, or particularly during this tough time, Independence Day is a significant and festive event, which Israel is proud to celebrate at the same time as our real partners in India.

India and Israel became independent states a year apart. Since then, they have maintained a strong friendship and productive partnership, which will continue. As young states of ancient peoples, which face multiple threats on their existence, India and Israel share many common challenges, which form the basis for the genuine alliance that promotes the security and resilience of both nations.

The ties between Israel and India are manifested in several channels. In addition to the sound amity between the heads of state, the two countries have established extensive defense collaboration. Systems initially developed for Israel Defense Forces serve the Indian army and vice versa, and both use jointly-developed systems, such as MRSAM and strategic projects, and many more.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), a leader in responding to the defense threats and challenges of Israel and India alike, takes pride in its contribution to the defense collaboration between the two countries. This collaboration secures the present and ensures the future of both. We look forward to continuing as a significant player in this domain in the future too.

Wining the fight againstCOVID-19 pandemic is crucialfor both countries.Even in this turbulence period, our partnership and friendship of the two peoples will prevail. IAI is doing everything in its power to continue its operations in India with no disruptions. IAI’s delegation to India continues to collaborate with all parts of India’s armed forces at this time too.

The ecosystem that built together over the years comprises dozens of Indian companies across the sub-continent. We collaborate with State and private companies of all sizes.

IAI seeks to further expand its involvement in local projects in India in the spirit of Make in India’s vision, which serves the security and future of both countries.

On Israel’s 72nd Independence Day, we send greetings to all our partners in India, accompanies with the hope that our defense collaboration will continue to contribute meaningfully for many more years.

Happy Independence Day!

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