Ecuadorian roses: The best roses in the world

Ecuador is a fascinating country, and so are its roses! The ravishing beauty of Ecuador is manifested in the grand panoramas with affluent crops, in biblical monuments that narrate fables, and breathtaking mountain ranges. It ranks at the top of the banana exporters list, but Ecuador is also notable for a rather aromatic and a heartwarming crop.

Ecuadorian roses, for quite a long time now has been the talk of the town! Cut-flower exports from Ecuador have helped the nation become the third-largest flower exporter in the world; rose exports alone account for about 70% of the total export. The perfect latitude, altitude and constant natural light all year round have collectively contributed in Ecuador being nothing shy of nirvana for growing roses.

Ecuadorian roses are not only renowned for their fragrance, but they are also celebrated for their size, variety of colors, and enduring nature. They are the best roses you can get, and the following is what makes them so unique:

They’re huge!

Unlike any roses you may have seen elsewhere in the world, Ecuadorian roses are much bigger. From buds to blooms, they are large in every aspect than any other roses of the world.

A fragrance that lasts forever.

What good is a rose if its pleasant fragrance wanes with time? Roses look gorgeous and smell fantastic. Its soothing scent adds to the beauty of the flower; however, not all roses retain their redolence for a long time. Roses lose their blooms, and the fragrance too fades away with time. But not with Ecuadorian roses. Ecuadorian roses are known not only for lasting longer than any other rose, but they are also known to hold on to their refreshing aroma for a very long time.

Grown with love

An Ecuadorian rose is outstanding in every manner; it is because they are not grown ordinarily like other flowers. They are raised with utmost love, passion, and care; producers consider even the smallest factors that may affect the growth of the plant. Growing an Ecuadorian rose is an art; a peculiar, uncommon art.

Naturally, Ecuador is blessed by quintessential atmospheric conditions that are just right for growing roses. There are actually two factors that play a conducive role in the growth of roses – Latitude and altitude. Ecuador is located near the equator and therefore receives additional hours of sunlight than most places on the planet consistently.

The altitude at which the roses grow also plays an instrumental role in the development of the fragrant flower. The Pichincha province in the Andes Mountains situated at about 2800 to 3000 meters above sea level is an abode to most of the rose crops of Ecuador. This elevation stops the roses from growing too quickly and lets the buds take time to mature into a longer, bigger, and stronger stemmed flowers.

Ecuadorian roses come in multitudinous hues.

Roses are not only red; they can be violet, lavender, white, orange, pink, yellow, and so much more! Ecuadorian roses are also renowned for being of conflicting hues along the edges and inside the petals. Just as their growth, the color of Ecuadorian roses also depends upon the geography of the country. The higher the elevation, the colder are the nights. This cold temperatures result in such unique, astonishing colors that are hardly to be found elsewhere in the world.

Everything about Ecuadorian roses is special and unique. Many nations, including India, import these amazing Ecuadorian roses for their bewitching beauty and unparalleled size, fragrance, and color. Ecuadorian roses are God’s expression of joviality.

They are immortal and customizable

Ecuadorian roses live longer than any other rose; they are practically immortal. This is what makes them the most wanted roses in the world. Besides, the color of each rose can also be customized as per your requirements. So if you wish to have a rose in the colors of the Indian Flag, you got it. You can gift a fully customized rose to someone special or just keep it in a showcase, Ecuadorian roses never ceases to amaze!

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