India –Ecuador Celebrates 50 years of Diplomatic Ties

Political Relations:

India-Ecuador established diplomatic relations in 1969. The Embassy of India in Bogotá, Colombia is concurrently accredited to Ecuador. Ecuador opened its Embassy in Delhi in February 2005 and a Consulate General in Mumbai in 2013.

This year 2019 India – Ecuador celebrates 50 years of Diplomatic ties.

Defence Cooperation:

The Ecuadorian Vice Chief, General Rodrigo Bohorquez, attended Aero India in February 2007 and Brigadier General Raúl Banderas Dueñas attended the Defence Expo. in February 2010. The Ecuador government has a Defence Attaché in its Embassy in Delhi. Defence Attaché in Embassy of India, Santiago, Chile is concurrently accredited to Ecuador.

Trade and Economic relations:

Bilateral trade with Ecuador is increasing consistently over the past years. India´s trade stood at US$660.13 million in 2014. Bilateral trade for January – May, 2015 stood at US$ 373.13 million. Main Export items from Ecuador are crude oil, wood (teak) and cocoa. Main Import items from India are mineral oils, iron and steel, vehicles, machinery and equipment, motorcycles, pharmaceuticals products. Export Promotion Councils have shown considerable interest in Ecuador market in the last few years. Visits by PLEXCONCIL, CHEMEXCIL and PHARMEXCIL have been organized in the recent past. A presentation of ‘Make in India’ was organized by the Embassy in Cooperation with Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce in July 2015.

Culture & Indian Community:

Indian culture and philosophy are known in Ecuador. International Yoga Day was organized in Ecuador on 21st June, 2015, in Quito, Guayaquil and Ambato. In total, around 600 people participated in the celebrations. The Embassy in cooperation with Ministry of tourism also organized a Food Festival in Guayaquil in July 2015. An ICCR sponsored troupe also performed in Guayaquil.

Indian community in Ecuador is very small. There are around 350 Indian nationals living in Ecuador most of whom work in service sector and small business.

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