Necessity and importance of establishing Indian Resident Diplomatic Mission in Georgia, Tbilisi

H.E. Mr. Archil Dzuliashvili, Ambassador of Georgia to India

New Delhi: Although India was one of the states to establish diplomatic relations with Georgia, until today it does not have a Resident mission in Georgia. The Georgian side is hopeful that soon India will open its Diplomatic representation in Georgia, which is dictated by the necessity. Number of Indian population who resides and works in Georgia is growing. They are pursuing various professions, including education, agriculture, wholesale, industry and so on.

Once the Indian mission is opened in Georgia the trade between the two countries will improve a lot more and the business delegations, which will be visible from both sides, will in turn enhance the bilateral trade relations between the two countries. It will also enhance the exchange of our two beautiful cultures, since India and Georgia have so much to share. It is worth mentioning that the cultural exchange was perfectly demonstrated when the Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili visited India and toured the country together with Indian traditional dancers and musicians. It was truly a wonderful sight, which was organized by Ms. Hema Malini, and was named accordingly – “SYNERGY”. There is much that our two countries can share with each other and benefit from it. The opening of the Indian Embassy in Georgia, would definitely strengthen this process.

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