Tourism in Georgia

New Delhi: Tourism in Georgia is driven thriving due, in large part, to the diversity in our landscapes, culture and an unrivalled reputation for hospitality to foreigners. The assortment of holiday opportunities and recreational activities in any region of Georgia makes it easy for every tourist to find his or her own unique encounter. From sun and sea to alpine skiing or just roaming free, Georgian touristic infrastructure allow access to both urban and rural destination to accommodate tourists of all affinities and niches.
Architectural and historic site from every era can be found in Georgia. Multiple UNESCO world heritage sites are a favorite among history enthusiasts. The ancient capital of Mtskheta is a city of Orthodox Christian churches and monasteries. The range of architecture in Tbilisi spans from medieval to postmodern. Narikala Fortress sits on top of what was once a Zoroastrian place of worship. Archaeological excavations in Dmanisi have unearthed what are thought to be the oldest remains of human existence outside Africa.

The Greater Caucasus Mountains are home to some of the highest peaks in Europe. Skiing in Georgia’s resort towns of Mestia, Gudauri and Bakuriani (in the lesser Caucasus) is reputed to induce a sense of rare excitement and freedom not experienced in the more developed ares of Europe. Skiing, heli-skiing, snowboarding and mountain climbing attract multitudes of thrill seekers.

Adventure tourism on Georgia’s Black Sea Coast offers any and every summer sensation imaginable. Scuba Diving the transparent waters of Sarpi and Goni just south of Batumi. Parasailing, windsurfing and waterskiing are among the many son and sea activities to be enjoyed on Georgia’s historic west coast, known to be the destination of the mythical Argonauts.

Nature tourism in Georgia attracts campers and trekkers from around the world. Admires of natural beauty, flora and fauna can find bliss in every direction across all region of Georgia.
Georgian food and wine tourism is one of the country’s major attractions. Georgian cuisine features a distinctive blend of influences from both east and west found in signature dishes including khinkali meat dumplings and khachapury cheese pastry. Georgian red, white and amber wines particularly those of the eastern region of Kakheti are considered by some to be among Europe’s finest.

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