1,500 entrepreneurs participated in Pacific Alliance

International: Alliance of the Pacific-  The promotion entities of the member countries supported entrepreneurs in actions to increase exports, tourism and investment in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and prioritized markets such as Asia Pacific. It is estimated that for this year more than US $ 114 million in business expectations were generated.

Belonging to the Pacific Alliance brings great benefits for the block’s businessmen. Accumulation of origin for export, free transit for 92% of the products that are traded between the markets, greater opportunities for attracting foreign direct investment, elimination of visas for nationals of the four countries that want to travel to the interior of the block, facilities for new ventures and innovation, among others.

During 2017, 1,451 entrepreneurs participated in macro business roundtables, forums and seminars organized by the four country promotion agencies with the aim of generating more opportunities for the participants. It is estimated that in the generation of sales, the activities contributed more than US $ 114 million in business expectations.

The great promotional events during 2017 were the IV Business Meeting, the day of the Pacific Alliance, the V Business Macrorrueda, the 5th edition of LAB4 + in Santiago, the Investment Forum of the Pacific Alliance in New York, the III Business Leaders Forum, the Fourth Tourism Macrorrueda, the III Tourism Roadshow in China.

The Pacific Alliance represents a market of more than 221 million people; adds 57% of Latin America’s foreign trade; and 41% of total foreign investment flows in the region. (Source ABC Alliance Pacific with data from IMF, WB, WTO and UNCTAD).

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