Benelux Police Treaty: Dutch police support Ghent police during Ghent celebrations

The Ghent celebrations, which take place every year for ten days in the city of Ghent. The Ghent police are doing their utmost to make these holidays as smooth as possible, but they are not the only ones to do so. Also this year, they will be helped by colleagues from the Netherlands. This collaboration is possible thanks to the Benelux Police Treaty.

This is the seventh time that Dutch police have been supporting Ghent police. The festivals attract many tourists and Dutch visitors.

In total, four Dutch colleagues will reinforce the Ghent police for ten days. They will carry out, mainly in collaboration with their colleagues in Ghent, tasks of “host police”: They carry out patrols, prevent nuisance and crime, transmit information, etc. in the holiday area.

Dutch colleagues will in particular guide the Dutch visitors during the Ghent festivities and they will wear their regular out uniform so that they are identifiable and easily accessible for their compatriots.

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