Invest in Israel

Addressed as one of the top-ranked destinations of the world, Israel is home to innovation and entrepreneurship. Israel’s creative, skilled, and ambitious workforce is one of the foremost reason besides the government policies that make Israel the start-up-capital of the world. Israel boasts one of the most highly educated, entrepreneurial, and multi-cultural workforces in the world. The richness of the tapestry of Israel’s different cultures results in a flexible work system, across sectors and locations. The reasons why Israel is your next best investment are endless. The country’s GDP growth over the years speaks in itself about the economic prowess of Israel. The Israeli economy has been identified as one of the healthiest and most secure in the world. Israeli thinkers, makers and doers are changing the world of Media & Internet, Cyber Security, Water Technology, AgroTech, Health & Life Sciences, Financial Technology, Automotive, High-Tech & Smart Manufacturing. Israel’s groundbreaking Advanced Manufacturing technologies offer countless opportunities for high-level industries and products. From 3D printers to Nano Technology, to Cyber Security, Israel is home to some of the most advanced procedures and industrial technologies in the world. It’s not about what you make, it’s about how you make it. Israel is pro-business. Your business. The Ministry of Economy offers countless programs and services designed to simplify the process of investment and magnify the investor’s profits. The wide range of government incentives and grants makes Israel the perfect place for foreign investors to shine.

To make the process easier for the investment partners, the government of Israel has brought Invest in Israel programme that facilitates as a one-stop centre for everyone. Overlapped under integrative body within the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Invest in Israel looks at the wide range of potential and existing investors. Invest in Israel identifies lucrative investment opportunities, maps potential obstacles and helps fast-track investment and helps smoothen the process. The programme bridges the gap between private clients needs and government entities and helps promote activities within the framework of the government.

The goal of government is, therefore, to provide for a platform for the investors across various platforms and help them take advantage of the highly skilled workforce in Isreal. Counting on the local Israeli talent to manufacture high-end industrial goods and foster innovation in their businesses, most of the blue-collar companies find space in Israel’s highly competitive environment. The country also provides an internationally oriented workforce and an attractive working and living environment which enable companies to expand their activity and reach their goals. Israel boasts one of the most entrepreneurial and multi-cultural workforces in the world, producing technologies, innovations, and research adopted around the globe and across sectors. Its competitive edge is due to its informal but effective get-down-to-business culture, exceptional ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. The importance of these skills extends beyond R&D activities, and manifests itself also at the production line, with engineers and developers constantly thinking of how to make the manufacturing process better.

The Israeli government strongly believes in promoting a favourable business environment for companies and is determined to take the necessary steps to facilitate their process of establishment. As part of its policy, the Israeli government offers supportive conditions for companies seeking to invest in Israel: various grants, reduced tax rates, tax exemptions and other tax-related benefits. Last year, Israel launched a new intellectual property (IP) tax regime as part of the 2017-2018 state budget. The new regime was tailored to the post-BEPS world, featuring a comprehensive “Innovation box”, encouraging multinationals to consolidate IP ownership and profits in Israel along with with existing Israeli research and development (R&D) functions.

Israel is home to over 330 multinational companies operating in Israel, and for a good reason. Multinational companies seeking new locations for their companies to shine are constantly helped by the Invest In Israel platform. “Israel is a dynamic and important part of the future of the internet, and of course eBay. we are looking to increase our presence in Israel and we will continue to seek good technologies and talents in Israel, in order to bring innovation into the company,” said John Donahoe, former eBay CEO. The richness of the tapestry of Israel’s different cultures results in a flexible work system, across sectors and locations. The reasons why Israel is your next best investment are endless. “It’s no exaggeration to say that the kind of innovation going on in Israel is critical to the future of the technology business. so many great companies have been started here” – Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft.

Israel is one of the most advanced countries in Southwest Asia in both economic and industrial development. With a robust and growing economy, the country is a leading exporter of technology and pharmaceuticals, with the world’s largest number of start-ups and NASDAQ-listed companies in the world outside of North America. This makes Invest in Israel the deserving platform making ease of business a reality for the investors.

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