Pacific Alliance Investment Opportunities Summit 2018

International: With the participation of the presidents Sebastián Piñera, Iván Duque, Enrique Peña Nieto and Martín Vizcarra was held on September 26 in New York, the Investment Opportunities Summit of the Pacific Alliance (Pacific Alliance Investment Summit 2018). The presidents of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru starred in the panel “The Pacific Alliance: A global approach”, in which they discussed the potential of the mechanism as an engine of development and growth, as well as the multiple economic alternatives that it offers.

During his speech, the President of Chile stressed that although the balance of the seven years of the Pacific Alliance is very positive, it is necessary to project it into the future and turn it into a protagonist of the industrial revolution and the knowledge and information society.

In turn, the President of Colombia highlighted the need to continue strengthening the Alliance to consolidate the deep integration among its members.

For his part, the President of Mexico acknowledged the achievements and thanked the partners for the consolidation of the Pacific Alliance, vowing to continue on the path of being more competitive, audacious and aggressive to conquer new markets and incorporate new ones. Partners.

Finally, the President of Peru assured that the countries of the Pacific Alliance have all the factors to attract more investment and promote joint growth. He added that the Pacific Alliance and Peru have the necessary conditions to continue growing.

As part of the program, the General Director of International Economic Relations of Chile Rodrigo Yáñez; the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia José Manuel Restrepo; the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru Rogers Valencia and; the Secretary of the Economy of Mexico, Ildefonso Guajardo, discussed the need to promote and expedite the development of global value chains, the potential of the relationship between the Pacific Alliance and the Associated States, and the opportunities of the mechanism in the global economic context.

The private sector also participated with a panel in which issues related to the role of corporations in the Pacific Alliance were discussed.

The objective of the summit was to highlight how the Pacific Alliance connects globally through trade, investment, innovation and financial markets; as well as publicizing its impact on the region and its projection to Asia Pacific, which consolidates it as a reliable and attractive global platform for investors.

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