Unlocking the potential of youths to be drivers of change

International: It is no coincidence that the successful Erasmus programme is often cited first as an example of the benefits of European integration and prosperity. In line with the Commission’s proposals for a new EU Youth Strategy, 2018 has already seen the promising EU Conference on Youth, Peace and Security bringing together young peacebuilders, senior EU leaders and representatives from civil society and will continue to be a promising year for youth involvement in peacebuilding and political decision-making, both within the EU and beyond its borders.

The Global Cultural Leadership Programme empowers and connects young cultural practitioners across borders.

Every year, 40 young talented cultural managers from the EU Member States and its strategic partners (Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and the United States) gather for training under the EU’s Global Cultural Leadership Programme (GCLP). Led by the Partnership Instrument-funded Cultural Diplomacy Platform, the Programme aims to support youth empowerment and opens up spaces for future international cultural collaboration and promotes more inclusive societies. During these seminars, young cultural managers have the opportunity to understand the challenges of cultural diplomacy and international cultural collaboration and learn from their interactions with peers beyond borders to shape the society of the future.

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