R. K. Mutha: His Life and Achievements

Who is Ramesh Kumar Mutha?

The best way to describe R. K. is a successful entrepreneur who lives through his dreams, realizing that for someone to succeed in life; he/ she must have a desire, a dream, and a vision. He is a real successful philanthropist and successor who never stops tapping into new businesses and ideas.

  1. K. Mutha’s Early Life:

In the beginning, becoming an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer was R. K. Mutha’s dream, but one way or the other, he joined his family business.

From 1957 to 1983, R. K. Mutha and his family were operating a traditional business of importing goods from different countries of the world. Mr. R. K. Mutha entered the family business and ventured further for a more challenging profile of exporting goods.

In his effort to succeed and make his dream come true in the export business, RK Mutha frequented SIPCOT offices for project report on how he can open an HDPE Woven sack bag manufacturing industry.

But by the way, he saw the Handloom Export Promotion Council and the Plastic and Linoleum Export Promotion Council. He went inside the two council offices where he met some officers who told him the great prospect in export. It was on this note that R. K. Mutha was given the address of handloom manufacturers in Mannady area of Chennai. He eventually went to Mannady without further delay.

His Experience in Mannady

Despite all his efforts, R. K. Mutha was disappointed by some of the suppliers he approached for business. However, he eventually got an order from France to supply fabrics. This order was executed, followed by many orders.

However, after several orders, he was duped of the last supply he made to his French customer. This experience stopped his supply to France but didn’t discourage him as he moved on with his life and business.

What Inspired RK Mutha to Join the Export Field?

The fact that Export Companies and Exporters alike were respected and honored with high rank inspired R. K. Mutha to diversify his family business to the Export Field.

The Expansion of Mohan Mutha’s Business

Mohan Mutha Group is an international conglomerate with interests in more than a few business segments like shipping, manufacturing, international trading, and infrastructure.

The major factor and the man behind extending Mohan Mutha’s business to a renowned International Business is R. K. Mutha. As a matter of fact, he made the business an export unit and exported T-Shirts and Cotton Fabrics to France and also assist in doing Foreign Exchange in the business.

As an entrepreneur, RK’s dream is not limited because he envisioned of diversifying into the international market.

Expanding Into the Maldives

Ramesh Kumar Mutha expanded his line of business to the supply of designer Lungi when he was opportune to meet a Maldives client. He supplied impressive quality Lungis. Eventually his customer placed repeated orders. This paved his entry into the Maldives Market.

Apparently the Maldives Market became challenging around the year 1985. In that scenario RK Mutha became the first Indian businessman and entrepreneur to flood the market with quality Indian Products.

Encompassed with sheer zeal and determination RK Mutha overcame virtually all the challenges faced in Maldives, empowering him with success to scale greater heights.

Line of Businesses under Mohan Mutha Group

Today, this business icon, successor, and philanthropist have more than a few lines of successful businesses under Mohan Mutha Group, including the following:

  • Mohan Mutha Exports Pvt Ltd
  • Mohan Mutha Translogistics Pvt. Ltd
  • Mohan Mutha Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd
  • Mega Infra Projects Private Ltd
  • MM Polytech

The Secret of the Success of R. K. Mutha

Ramesh Kumar Mutha understood that it is not easy to be a philanthropist, successor, and a successful businessman without working hard. Despite all the challenges he faced in the business world, he was a man who never stopped exploring new businesses and new ideas. Thus he was a champion made through his desire, wisdom, and vision.

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