Alex Sastoque, Colombian artist presents at the Colombian Embassy in India the sculpture Metamorphosis from his collection Cultivate La Paz

The Colombian Embassy in India receives the Colombian artist Alex Sastoque, who visits India in order to present  the sculpture Metamorphosis from his Cultivate Peace collection.

During the event at the Embassy of Colombia in India, during which Master Sastoque met with H.E. Mrs. Clemencia Forero Ucrós, Ambassador of Colombia to India,  to whom he explained the meaning of his work Metamorphosis, with which Alex Sastoque intends to convert weapons of war. war, in this case an Ak-47 rifle, in works of art and symbols for peace in the world.

The sculpture will be exhibited in the National Museum – New Delhi and its donation has special relevance as it is a very representative act for the commotion of the National Day of Memory and Solidarity with the Victims of the Colombian Armed Conflict.

Colombian artist Alex Sastoque, will also make a temporary exhibition of two of his works, bird and hummingbird from the same collection, Let’s Cultivate Peace in the National Museum – New Delhi.

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