India-Bangladesh Maitri Diwas

New Delhi: During the visit of PM Shri Narendra Modi to Bangladesh in March 2021 to attend the national day of Bangladesh, it was decided to commemorate 06 December as Maitri Diwas (Friendship Day). Ten days before the liberation of Bangladesh, India had recognised Bangladesh on 06 December 1971. India was one of the first countries to establish bilateral diplomatic ties with Bangladesh.

The Maitri Diwas is being commemorated in 18 countries around the world apart from in Dhaka and Delhi. These countries are Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia, Qatar, Singapore, UK, Australia, France, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE and USA. The holding of Maitri Diwas is a reflection of the deep and abiding friendship between the peoples of India and Bangladesh that has been forged in blood and shared sacrifices

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