Interview with Mr. Toufic Farah, Head of Aftermarket Sales – IMEA region, Grundfos

Grundfos is dynamic organisation providing a wide array of high-end products and services. What are some of the most important products and services being offered by you?

A new level of system intelligence in commercial buildings; To truly optimise system performance in buildings applications, Grundfos look beyond individual components to intelligent solutions that take care of the entire system.

Booster Systems: The Grundfos Hydro MPC-E is the smart pressure booster set that adapts automatically to varying demands around the clock. Grundfos boosters are designed to maximise efficiency, and the system automatically matches your demand profile through the intelligent use of pump curves and cascade functions.

Air Conditioning: MAGNA3 is an intelligent, high-efficiency circulator pump. The MAGNA3 circulator is a highly advanced canned rotor pump intended for large commercial buildings such as hospitals and schools. Intelligent features such as AUTOADAPT and FLOWADAPT select the optimal system setting, ensuring that your system always provides the best possible comfort and the most efficient operation.

TPE Series is an intelligent, vertical in-line pump that smoothly adapts to signals from an external sensor. Regardless of the configuration or control method in use, you can count on a precise response to your system’s pressure, temperature, and flow rate needs – with up to 50 % less energy consumption compared to a conventional pump.

NBE/NKE Series – the world-class reliable, high-efficiency new range of Horizontal end-suction pumps from Grundfos, is refined and expanded for Asia-Pacific and fully updated for premium performance and efficiency demands of tomorrow. The intelligent E range seamlessly integrates into smart HVAC systems for further outstanding IE5 efficiency.

Wastewater applications:  The Grundfos SL range of submersible wastewater pumps from Grundfos are designed to optimise system performance with minimum servicing required.

The pumps feature either Grundfos S-tube® (SL1/SL2) or Super Vortex (SLV) impellers. The hydraulic design of the impeller ensures minimum clogging and maximum reliability without compromising free passage or total system efficiency.

Service Solutions: Grundfos has expanded its services beyond product offerings to provide comprehensive service solutions for customers. This includes preventive maintenance programs, remote monitoring and diagnostics, energy optimisation, and training programs for customers.

Grundfos has a well-established geographically diverse presence. How has your experience been so far in the IMEA region?

Grundfos has a significant presence in the IMEA region and has been operating in this market for many years. The company has established a strong network of sales offices, service centers, and authorized distributors across multiple countries in the region. We have a well-recognized brand and are known for our high-quality advanced pumping solutions and water technology.

In the IMEA region, Grundfos serves various industries and sectors, including water utilities, building services and industrial applications. We offer a wide range of products and solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of these diverse sectors. Grundfos pumps and systems are used for water supply, wastewater management, heating and cooling and various other applications.

Grundfos has aimed to address local challenges and contribute to sustainable development in the region. We are focused on improving access to clean water, reducing energy consumption, and optimizing pump performance to enhance efficiency. Through our products, services, and initiatives, Grundfos has been working towards water conservation, resource efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Grundfos solutionsprovide the residents of Male’ with foresight, and innovation. What are some other such initiatives being undertaken in Maldives by Grundfos?

To tackle water scarcity, Grundfos is focused on developing energy-efficient and water-saving technologies that help our customers optimize their water usage. Our pumps and systems are designed to be highly efficient, reducing water waste and minimizing energy consumption.

  1. Focus on energy efficiency and sustainability: Residents and Developers in Maldives are increasingly prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainability in their operations to reduce carbon footprint and lower OPEX.
  2. Water management and conservation: With increasing concerns about water scarcity and sustainability, people are placing a greater emphasis on water management and conservation.

We are focussed on keeping the Maldives green and clean sustainable environment.

Ever since its inception Grundfos has been a leader in offering pumping products with cutting edge technology. What are the latest innovative pumping products being marketed by you?

Innovation and Technology: Grundfos is known for its innovation and investment in technology. Grundfos uses pump technologies that are highly efficient, advanced materials, design, and controls. These technologies are aimed at reducing energy consumption, minimizing environmental impact, and maximizing overall performance.

Grundfos Connect : Grundfos Connect is a cost-effective alternative based on SaaS model to more costly legacy SCADA systems. It is a simple subscription-based software allowing you to access, monitor and control your pumps and pumping systems. GUC gives you full asset visibility, alarms and remote management 24/7.

Energy-efficient and variable speed pump solutions: Grundfos state of the art IE5 motors and controls together with patented algorithms offer an incremental savings of upto 12% when compared to IE3 motors of same capacity.

Disinfection systems: Grundfos OXIPERM Pro – Chlorine dioxide disinfection systems can help facilities ensure safe and reliable water supply while minimizing the use of chemicals and energy. These disinfection systems has an impact on biofilm formation in cooling towers which results in enhancing heat transfer efficiency & overall OPEX as such

With climate-change being the prime consideration for all industries’ stakeholders. How has Grundfos evolved in offering environmentally sustainable products and services?

  1. Energy Optimization: Grundfos focuses on energy optimization throughout the entire lifecycle of its products, from design, manufacturing to operation and maintenance. This includes optimizing pump efficiency, reducing energy losses, and implementing intelligent controls and monitoring systems to ensure optimal performance and energy savings.
  2. Sustainable Manufacturing: Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and water technologies, has become the first organisation in the water solutions sector [1] to receive full validation of its 2050 net-zero target from the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a climate action organisation that enables companies to set greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets grounded in science. SBTi also validated the company’s near-term 2030 emission reduction targets.
  • Environmental Impact: Grundfos’ sustainable solutions contribute to reducing carbon emissions, water consumption, and waste generation, which align with the increasing demand for environmentally responsible practices in facilities management.




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