Interview with Mr. Ashwani Tripathi, Vice President (equivalent to MoS), Avas Vikas Parishad, Government of Uttar Pradesh

A man following the principles of the party! Trust, Loyalty & Hard work

First of all, congratulation to you and the Bharatiya Janata Party for such enormous victory! How do you consider this victory?

It’s a victory of the trust. Honorable Modi ji and Honorable Yogi ji have established the trust which was lost by the leaders! And Vishvash Faldayakam. It’s a victory of the trust.

Uttar Pradesh and Modi Government’s second constant historical victory, so were you aware of such a success with a massive majority?

Yes, there was no difference in our saying and deeds. Whatever Modi ji said had been done in suitable time; we had focused on the promises done. Completing all the tasks one by one, we were progressing step by step. So Modi ji and we were advancing by putting the foundation stone of victory of 2019 election daily.  So, trust, that I told, trust is fruitful. Trust and deeds both collectively declared Modi ji victorious.

How did you find the absolute majority of Bharatiya Janata Party?

The figure of the majority is a result of the deeds and passion of patriotism, and feeling of the one hundred and twenty-five crore people. Our respect towards them has resulted in the clear majority, complete majority. They were all whitewashed. Bharatiya Janata Party is the alone and only such party in the field of politics, which proved that until you don’t work for the nation, don’t work with a pious heart, and don’t work with honest labor, you can’t do politics now in this country. To have fallen and stand back is left to destiny, but now they would take much time to rise again. Politicians have bitten the dust. My sympathy is for them also; may they stand back again!

On having designated as a Vice President (equivalent to MoS) of Avas-Vikas Parishad, what is your activity, goal, an objective for the welfare of state and people?

Our Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is focusing heavily on both housing and development. These both matters are like the two sides of the coin. Envisaging development without accommodation would be frivolous. If oneself doesn’t have a roof, people wouldn’t have the housing too; then any development would be considered dubious. To see the progress; housing and development ought to be connected. Honorable Chief Minister has faith in me, and I understand this controversy is infinite, like Sanatan Dharam. I am trying to understand;

I have faith in the department. Here is the institute which has set an example in entire Uttar Pradesh for efficiency, quality. I, with my all officers, engineers, who are sitting in front of you, these all staff has set the department at the highest level. I want the highest level of the department, won’t allow less than the highest. They are the professionals and decision makers; we only worry and discuss how to implement the plan as per their recommendations.

My next question is, this time in the election of Lok Sabha, the party achieved victory fabulously, as we all know. State of the Uttar Pradesh has played a vital role in the success. According to your opinion, which are the prime reasons that lead the party to such a massive victory?

First, as I had told you before that people trusted us; second, we have done immense development and with complete honesty. As far as Uttar Pradesh is concerned, the state makes the Prime Minister of the nation, and Uttar Pradesh has proved this once again. Under the leadership of Honorable Yogi Adityanath ji, the people of Uttar Pradesh will become the Prime Minister. Honorable Narendra Modi ji is contesting from Varanasi; then he is MP from Uttar Pradesh. There was much enthusiasm in our workers to handle the country’s unusual conditions. Our central government and the state government have worked with the readiness, somewhere in that work is a happy result, the absolute majority formed the government, and Uttar Pradesh showed the work that people expected.

How do you see Yogi’s first term as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh? How are the theories of C.M. Yogi different from other leaders?

Your question is fascinating. Every person has a different ideology, but as far as Yogi ji is concerned, he is rich with the unique talent, attached continuously in the service. I have been working as a representative for the last eighteen years. Apart from humanity, they do not think about any work other than development. We have done ‘padayatra’ along with them in the blistering heat for finding the solution to the problems; they have set the best example on behalf of ordinary people. In spite of being attached with the temple, and in spite of being a ‘Mahant’ (Incharge), and in spite of being an heir, he marched with ordinary people, established the self-struggling on the road. It’s a remarkable example. No other person who has established himself in the society has been seen doing this. There is no difference in the claim and deeds, will do what he says. An exclusive characteristic is what acquired a natural blessing of micro-scrutiny within him. He can judge any matters immediately, and the ability to react to that is fantastic. These characteristics differentiate him from other people, and he is dedicated to the nation, for the society, for the ‘Bharat Mata,’ round the clock, 24×7.

Vice President Ashwani Tripathi, Avas Vikas Parishad, Government of Uttar Pradesh with his team

You have been a member of the BJP since a long time. Please tell us what is the plan, what is the vision? Now that the party has won again, how the second term would be utilized effectively?

I want to assure you that the second term will be better than the first one. Party ever tackled such matters, involved in such tasks that the development will extend up to even the person who has been abandoned, who is the victim of poverty. Party had carried ‘Antoyaday’ program; the aim is to flourish the needy – that is the principle of the party. In our country or abroad, whatever challenges we may face, the policy of the Bharatiya Janata Party is not to compromise with nationalism at any cost. We have prioritized the nationalism. My formula also is to head ahead alone; of course, not leaving them (party members) and the entire society. Advancing on the strength of our principle, we would establish ourselves, and you see, nowadays we have proved that the Bharatiya Janata Party is the biggest party in the country. Before this, the funds were going to the account of China. But today, Bharatiya Janata Party is a numerouno party. Amit Shah ji, Honorable Narendra Modi ji, Honorable Yogi ji, all the people and all those people who do service to this party and them who suffer, their penance is not in the cave – those people live within the society. Those who are very close to the party will love their suffering. Those are the exclusive people. They provide supernatural power to this party. Even while living in the cosmic world, the supernatural influence is properly exhibited by such people within the Bhartiya Janata Party. So this party has developed gradually and not by hopping ahead. Those who try to skip ahead drop upside down.  I will surely say that those who step forward gradually become stronger.

How you see the role of the honorable Narendra Modi ji for the significant victory of the party?

The complete election has been fought around him. First of all, Modi ji himself, and all the people who were attached to him have done extreme hard work. Mainly along with the hard tasks, Honorable Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji of Uttar Pradesh earned the maximum marks. As a star campaigner, the program of Yogi started throughout the country. They reached all the places and made a lot of efforts to make the country’s atmosphere in favor of the Bharatiya Janata Party; the party surely got the benefit of that.

As being an Indian, for the prosperity of the nation, how do you see to the role of the Prime Minister?

See, our country should grow, our country is standing firmly with all the strength; within the state, everyone should have a roof, everyone should have a house, everyone should have electricity, all the requirements should be provided, that is the supreme duty of our leaders. In this direction, our present government, in the leadership of Narendra Modi ji, is already doing tasks and will do more in the future. The gas connection which has distributed utilizing ‘Ujjawala Yojana’, has reached every home, and the accommodations have too, been provided in every village. Modi ji made the center for development in a town. Yogi ji had done that also; I am talking about Uttar Pradesh.

We, during the election and at other time, wander in the village; there we check to see the beneficiary, whom the government has provided the benefit.

When the beneficiary goes to his home, he has a house, a toilet, electricity, he is and also getting the Ujjawala Gas Connection along with five lakh rupees. The discussion of Ayushman Project is going on in each home. I understand a great concept has implemented on the earth by Honorable Modi ji and his Government, and by Yogi ji very understandingly. The complete development is seen in one home. I am so confident that we started the development work at the remotest villages. In a single house, as people say, complete development had been carried out, we can see that. Due to this, the destiny of the country would be more happy and prosperous, that is my wish.

Vice President Ashwani Tripathi, Avas Vikas Parishad,Government of Uttar Pradesh reviewing Envoy Excellency Magazine

What is your message to our readers?

Apart from hard workmanship, apart from working honestly, there is no other examination than this one for you. To be in society, you ought to consider such matters. I will say to the readers to establish the discipline, character, and trust; there should not be any difference between speech and deeds. If you consider this in all matters, the success would be in your feet, and the environment of the country which we have as a heritage would keep blossoming. Dream of ‘RAMRAJYA’ will itself keep coming true.

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