Interview with Rear Admiral (Retd) Sanjay Chaubey, Chairman and Managing Director, Electronics Corporation of India Ltd (ECIL).

ECIL pioneered the development of various complex electronic products without any external technological help. How has the enterprise contributed to the nation of self-reliant India over the years?

Over the past five decades ECIL has devoted itself to the quest of technological development with the same dedication that its founders Dr Homi J Bhabha, Dr Vikram Sarabhai and Dr A S Rao who believed that Self Reliance gives the nation great strength and respect, no matter how easy access was to readymade Know-how from abroad.

ECIL’s contribution to Self Reliant India over the years include achieving self suffiency in Control and Instrumentation Systems for Nuclear Programs to insulate them from any technology denials, building competence in mission critical programs of Defence, Acquiring Self Reliance in Antenna Systems for Space Programs, strengthening the Security system of the nation, laying foundation for Information Technology, building technological solutions for Societal benefit and making high end electronic equipment for International Discovery Science Programs.

Please tell us about the manufactured and marketing of the present product range of ECIL?

Present product range of ECIL consists of Safe and Secure Programmable Logic Controllers, Radiation detectors and Instruments, Control Centers for Power and Process Plants, Training Simulators, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems, C4I Systems, RF Seekers, Electronic Fuses, Radio Communication equipment, Electronic Warfare systems, Antenna Platform for Light Combat Aircrafts, Secure Networks, Satcom Terminal for Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems, Components like Gyroscopes, LVDTs and Actuators, Cockpit Video Recorders, Earth Station Antenna systems for Command and Monitoring of Satellites, Deep Space Network Antennas for interplanetary missions, Access Control Systems, CCTV based Surveillance Systems,  X Ray Baggage Inspection Systems, Explosive detection Systems, Smart Energy Meters, IOT based Remote Health Monitoring Devices, Citizen enlistment with biometrics and Electronic Voting Machines.

Please shed some light on the joint ventures and collaboration that ECIL has entered into. Accordingly, to you, where does ECIL’s strength lie?

ECIL Rapiscan is a Joint Venture Company of ECIL and OSI Systems of USA for carrying out business of X Ray Baggage Inspection Systems. The JV is consistently profit making company and recorded a turnover Rs 73.44 Crs for the FY 2019-20.

ECIL’s strength lies in design, development, manufacture, deployment and life cycle support.

How does ECIL make sure to improve the Share holder value of the company?

ECIL strives to improve the Share holder value of the Company by delivering path breaking products and solutions, strengthening the technology base, effective utilization of resources, enhancing skill base, establishing state of the art manufacturing facilities, consciously working for finding export markets for the company’s products, re-engineering the Company to become nationally and internationally competitive by paying particular attention to delivery, cost and quality in all its activities and ensuring succession planning,

Several enterprises contributor towards fighting the COVID-19 crises. What can u tell us about the CSR and other contributions made by ECIL?

ECIL developed many innovative solutions like IOT based Remote Health Monitoring System which will be immensely useful for Doctors, Healthcare Personnel and Government administrators in fighting the COVID-19 situation. ECIL also developed the Ventilator by name “Pran Vayu” to support COVID-19 patients. Currently ECIL is working on making high quality Oxygen Concentrators for COVID-19 patients.

ECIL believes that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent and built a social value proposition into corporate strategy. Corporate Social Responsibility program undertaken by the Company is its commitment for the holistic welfare of the society.  ECIL has identified four thrust areas, i.e. Education, Health, Skill Development, and Environment protection, for the development of communities under its CSR Program.

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