Madrid: City of Art Lovers

Madrid, known for its great culture, dramatic coastline, mountains, plains, museums and fairs, is the largest city of Spain. Madrid is also the financial hub of Spain. Madrid has plenty to offer to travelers. Madrid is one of the best places to visit and appreciate art museums like Golden Triangle of Art. Mount of EL Pardo, a Mediterranean forest inside the city of Madrid makes it one of the greenest cities in Spain. Casa de Campo is enormous urban parkland to the west of the city, the largest in Spain and Madrid’s main green lung. A natural history museum and zoo combined- Faunia (a theme park) is both fun and educational for children. It comprises eight  eco-systems from tropical rain forests to Polar Regions, and more than 1,500 freely roaming animals.

A number of Catholic churches in and around Madrid is an attraction for tourists. Madrid is big city that needs to be explored. Tapas bars, cocktails, jazz lounges and clubs keep the nightlife of Madrid alive. Madrid has space for all kind of art lovers. For music or opera lovers the “Auditorio Nacional de Música” & “Teatro Real” are the spots to be discovered. When in Madrid, one must indulge in typical dishes that are specialty of Madrid.

  • Gallinejas and Entresijos – Portions from different parts of lamb fried in its fat. Very traditional and typical from Madrid city.
  • Callos a la Madrileña – A hot pot of spicy beef tripe similar to those found in Turkey and the Balkans.
  • Cocido Madrileño – Chickpea stew with meat and vegetables. The particularity of this stew is the way it is served. The soup, chickpeas and meat are served and eaten separately.
  • Oreja de Cerdo – Pigs ears, fried in garlic. This popular dish is widely eaten throughout central Spain.
  • Sopa de Ajo – Garlic soup is a rich and oily soup which generally includes paprika, grated Spanish ham, fried bread and a poached egg. A variation of this soup is known as Sopa Castellana

The cosmopolitan flair of Madrid makes it a tourist friendly destination.

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