Mongolia – Winter Tourism Adventures Await

The hoar – frosted and snow covered winter can be unique tourist experience. Ulaanbaatar winter festival and Lunar New Year tours can be enjoyed in the winter. Since the organization of the Ulaanbaatar Winter Festival from 2014, the number of tourists visiting Mongolia has increased and the tourism season has been extended. Ulaanbaatar Winter Festival’s ice anklebones (shagai) games, winter cycling tours and dog sled races have become popular events for tourists.

Winter tourism includes many activities: snow and ice festivals, Lunar New Year festivities, horse and camel rides, horse – drawn sleigh rides, dog sledding, skiing tours, reindeer rides, staying overnight in reindeer herder huts, watching the winter sunrise, experiencing the winter life of s herdsman family, hunting, fishing from an ice hole, seeing a shaman ritual, ice anklebones (shagai) game, hunting with a majestic eagle, and many more adventures.

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