In an Interview with Mr. Rajendran Ganapathi, Director – ETG Zambia

With a sound track record of donning diverse roles in multiple organisations such as Jit Beverage, Export Trading Group to name a few. How has this position helped you in making ETG’s functioning more efficient?

We must realise that ETG in Zambia is operating in a highly political but stable environment requiring a lot of multilevel stakeholder engagement to advance company priorities. This has been critical in my role leveraged by the fact that most parts of Zambia are still rural with majority smallholder farmers, making ETG interventions on inputs supply, commodity aggregation and agro-processing very relevant.

Sustainability is a prime consideration for all industry stakeholders. How has ETG evolved to offer environmentally sustainable fertilizers and other agricultural products and services?

ETG in Zambia has invested in a fertilizer blending plant in the Lusaka South Multifacility zone, focused on blended fertilisers which incorporate nine important nutrients for most soil types-crop and soil specific, organic manure enriched fertilisers. The African Emerging farmer carbon abatement program has set foot in Zambia with carbon removal through continued planting of cashew in Zambia and the use of agricultural waste in industrial heating at ETG processing plant – creating positive impact for rural communities

ETG is dynamic organisation providing a wide array of high-end products and services. What are some of the most important products and services being offered by you?

ETG Zambia through Zambian Fertilizers offers the market wide range of Crop specific, Lime enriched, Organic material enriched and Soil specific fertilizers with the aim of providing much needed specific crop nutrients and guarantee growers the potential increase in yields and enhanced quality. The introduction of ETG One Stop Solution gives the farmers the best option as almost all their needs are under one roof starting from Seeds, Crop protection, Fertilizers, Farm tools and implements. A well-qualified team of Agronomists and Extension services offer a wide range of trainings and technical support to customers.

In the course of sowing of hard work and dedication comes the sweet fruit of recognition. What have been some major milestones that ETG has achieved as per you?

I have been passionate about ETG services to smallholder farmers and the following have been achieved:


  • Creation of a countrywide distribution network in the 10 provinces of Zambia
  • Construction of the Zambian Fertilisers Blending Plant in the MFEZ
  • Acquisition of curechem

Commodity Trading and Value addition:

  • Acquisition of Parrogate-Zamanita plant and enhanced cooking oil production

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