Interview with Mr. Savji Dholakia, Founder and Chairman, Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd.

The world is aware of the HK Group being the leading diamond and diamond jewelry house. Therefore a major part of environmental responsibility falls on your shoulders. How does your company deal with this?

Well, I believe working towards environmental benefits is not just a duty or responsibility but devotion. HK Group does not see any environmental/social welfare activities as a separate thing in business. It is a large part of HK’s functioning as an everyday routine.

As a part of which HK has developed over 59 Sarovars (lakes) under our Mission 100 Sarovar. It aims at conserving water and solving the water scarcity issue in villages of Gujarat.

Also, HK has planted over 25 million trees in Gujarat under the Go Green campaign, and all of them are alive even today. HK recently moved to solar energy by installing thousands of solar panels in its manufacturing units to control the CO2 emissions.

The Group will continue doing these activities for a lifetime that are in environmental benefits.

The employees of HK Group are known to be showered with numerous opportunities and incentives. Please share your opinion on an employee’s growth and personal development.

Only if the employees are happy, the company will be well. The development of the company lies in the development of the employees. So giving them incentives & recognition encourages them to be happy, and it is our ultimate faith.

I always say that my employees are my family. So like family, our incentive scheme ensures that their basic necessities, like houses, cars, jewelry, are fulfilled by us. Hence they can work towards achieving higher goals in their life.

After all, if people are satisfied, happy, and take pride in being a part of the HK family, it matters more than money. Money is just a by-product.

What is your vision for the future of the company? What would be your biggest goal?

My vision for the company’s future is to be recognized as one of the foremost companies in the diamond industry worldwide while delivering value across all stakeholders.

Employee welfare has always been and will always be my biggest goal to achieve. I want all the employees of HK to be happy and be the best humans. Ultimately, I want all diamantaires to be diamonds.


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