Shaktiman farm implements and machinery now in Southern Africa

ETG Logistics (ETGL), distributors of farming equipment and automotive products in Southern Africa, is once again expanding their product offering and is now distributing the Shaktiman range of agricultural machinery in Southern Africa.

Mr. Sunil Rajput, Vice President International Sales & Marketing for Shaktiman, commented:“South Africa is a strategic market for us, with product, price and range fit. We are excited about our partnership with ETG Logistics and will strive to cover the entire range of agriculture machinery with them. We continue to be humble and strive to make farming more economical across the globe keeping our farmers prosperity in mind.”

Incorporated in 1997, Tirth Agro Technology Pvt. Ltd. (Shaktiman) has been a pioneer in introducing technologically advanced agricultural machineries in India to revolutionize farm mechanization and to address the difficulties faced by farmers globally which were limiting their profitability and livelihood.

With their vast experience of agricultural technology, Shaktiman has a state of the art manufacturing facility spread across 25 hectares at Bhunava near Rajkot, India, where manufacturing processes with the latest technology and concepts like TQM & TPM ensure superior quality, strength & durability to products. Shaktiman is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with exports to over 90 countries and is trusted by more than 1,000 dealers worldwide.

Shaktiman is not only the world’s largest manufacturer of rotary tillers, but offer a wide range of implements covering all aspects of the crop cycle starting from seed bed preparation to crop residue management.

Seedbed preparation range such as reversible mould board ploughs, deep chisels, one to three tine subsoilers, reverse forward rotary tillers, disc harrows and conical &square fertilizer spreaders.

Sowing and planting range such as pneumatic planter, mechanical planter, post hole digger, rice trans-planter and supper seeder.

Crop management range such as self-propelled boom sprayer, inter-row tiller and tractor mounted boom sprayer.

Harvesting range such as sugarcane harvester, cotton harvester, rice harvester, fodder harvester, tree pruning platform.

Crop residue management range such as round balers, grooming mowers, square balers, flail mower, rotary slashers, mulcher and hay rake.

Besides being a market dominant player in India with a market share of more than 70%, Shaktiman is the largest exporter of agriculture machinery from India with a market share of more than 30%, exporting to more than 90 countries.

Focusing on some of the renowned machinery from Shaktiman, it makes sense to start with the range of top-selling rotary tillers. The wide range of Shaktiman rotary tillers offer tilling solutions to every type of customer need. Be it type of soil, type of field or type of usage. Shaktiman tillers are available for tractors with power outputs ranging from 11kW to 104kW.

The Shaktiman range of power harrows come in size from 75cm to 600cm working width and are suitable for use with tractors producing 26kW to 186kW of power. All models come with multi-speed gear boxes with the option of light duty single speed gear box in smaller sizes.

Ploughing is a basic process in seed bed preparation and Shaktiman has developed a solid reputation for producing high quality ploughs for varying applications. Their hydraulic reversible plough comes with a precisely hardened and tempered mould board which facilitates best-in-class soil inversion.

Shaktiman implements are covered by a 1year warranty from the purchase date.

Mr. Brian Mumford, Brand Head for Shaktiman in Southern Africa, commented: “By adding Shaktiman Implements to the range, we are offering a holistic solution to the farming community. Our product offering will create more opportunities for ETGL to delve deeper into the Southern and East African farm equipment market, serving a wide range of agricultural customers.”

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